Riveira Pomeranians

Our dogs are our Family! Bottom line, they are my life and my Passion. They do everything we do, camping, daily walks, hang out on the couch and watch TV with us, get groomed once a wk or so, swimming in their own doggy pool in the summer, bike rides in their bike basket, and are hugged and loved on each and every single day!

We do not lock them away in a kennel or cage and forget about them like some breeders do and just breed them and use them as a puppy making machine. Our dogs Health is first and foremost as they get routine vet care and are fed an optimal diet of Raw and Organic meats/veggies in addition to their Fromm and NuVet vitamins every day.

We choose to only have a small number of dogs so we can have enough time to love on everyone and devote our time to them so no one is left out. We do not breed to make $. I do this because my life would be empty without my dogs and I love this breed & breed to create a better generation then the last to meet or exceed Show standard.

Our dogs who are shown really love what they do, some people will say it is mean to make a dog show. Well the truth is show dogs have to have a certain personality to show & the ones who show really love what they do. They know when they are in the ring and strut their stuff as well as they love to be on the road outdoors and enjoy traveling and car rides.

We do our best to create show babies but it is not possible to keep every single puppy produced. And not all litters have show Quality puppies. Everything must be Perfect on the puppy/dog to be cut out for the show ring.

We only have very few puppies Available each year. When we place a puppy we do not profit from it. There is a lot that goes into raising puppies. C-sections $1500-2500, stud fees $500-800, progesterone testing $300, AI sometimes $300, Ultrasound & X ray during pregnancy $200-300, Prenatal Vitamins for Mom during pregnancy, Whelping Pins & whelping supplies $300-400, Incubator $400+, Formula $25 a can, AKC fees to register litter $30 plus $2 per pup, Litter Exam $60 plus $13 Per pup, Vaccine $29 per pup, Micro chip, $15 per Pup, Each puppy goes home with over $200 in supplies, Feed & toys from 4 weeks of age to 10 weeks when the puppy goes home, Deworming $30-$40 per litter , Flea treatment $30 Per litter, Potty pads from 3 weeks when babies start to potty on their own to 10 weeks old $25 a box and it lasts 4 to 5 days x 8-10 weeks, Laundry soap and Disinfectant as my puppies blanket and toys are disinfectant and changed Daily, initial Cost of Mom $2500-3000, 2 years of feed and vet care on Mom before we breed her approx $1000+ this includes her vitamins, vet care & feed, DNA testing $40 per dog the list goes on and on.

It is not uncommon for this breed to only have 1 pup in a litter. Average litter 1 to 3 babies.